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BBQ 2001

Armitage and Murray Courts Residents Association (AMRA)

AMRA BBQ 2016 AMRA (Armitage Murray Residents Association) was formed by the residents soon after the two Charles Church estates were built in 1977. The main function then was to take possession of the Amenity Area in the middle, and handle issues such as insurance, tree surgery and grass cutting, etc. It then soon became a useful excuse for us to get together for social events such as the summer barbecue in the amenity area, and low cost dinner/dances in places such as the Cordes Hall in the village of Sunninghill.

This is a little public page for local residents of Armitage & Murray Courts in Sunninghill, should they google for things like "AMRA". There are more detailed public pages, including of wildlife in our amenity area, on the AMRA Pond page, and of our family and neighbours in Armitage Court in 1978 on the AMRA old pictures page. You may like my old Sunninghill History page. See also the CCTV Page. An extract is below. A much more detailed, private AMRA page is hosted elsewhere, and AMRA residents can email me if they want the link. AMRA BBQ on Sunday 1st July 2018 AMRA Indian Evening You can see more information about Robin and the Lovelock family on

Robin Lovelock
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Wildlife in Armitage Court caught on CCTV and other videos ....

Grumpy old men with a drone in Armitage Court Sunninghill The video on the left shows some Grumpy Old Men behaving badly with a drone in Armitage Court. This was on Tuesday 7th March 2017. These guys are member of the extended Team-Joker, and you can read more on Robin's Snoopy pages. The extract on the right is silent, but higher detail. Can you see your house ? Drones are not new: see that old "Armitage Court from the Air" below :-)

Drone Video over Armitage and Murray Courts in Sunninghill There are many wildlife videos on Robin's youtube channel .
It may be best to see Robin's Oldest Videos First .
Some are on Robin's CCTV Page .

The problem in looking for wildlife videos is that my youtube channels is full of other videos, such as our holidays and Snoopy's robot boat escapades :-)

Here is the list: click on Hedgehog Stalks Cat , Deer on Valentine's Day 2015 , Badger on CCTV , Super Snail ! , Bird feeds frog to it's young , Bray Lake(near end) , Pheasant , Fox with Frog , Fox, Cat and Mirror , or click on a frame from those below.

White strip 15th February 2018: found today on an old VHS tape: that 2001 BBC World Click Online broadcast into 200 million homes: Sunninghill TV Superstars !
Robin's new Roof page assists contracting of building work on his rear extention, as did his page for their Garden - now less of a wilderness :-)
Robin had several wheelbarrow loads of Richard's Logs . May 2018: foxes in our garden; Squirrel scoffs all the peanuts ! July: Deer chased by cat ! click on them to play :-)

Sunninghill Geocachers on BBC World in 2001 Cat Chases Deer in Sunninghill Squirrels and Bird Boxes in Sunninghill White strip May 2018: Fox Cub and Crow Eating Curry ! April: Owl landing on our pond fountain near the end, Australian Gnomes, etc :-)
September 2017: Mr Brock, the Badger, walks towards me on our bridge, I say "Hello", and then he licks my face and walks away again ;-)

Old Fox and Fox Cub in Armitage Court Sunninghill Fox Cub and Crow Eating Curry in Armitage Court Sunninghill Video of Deer on CCTV in Armitage Court Sunninghill Video of Wildlife on CCTV and Animals with Cameras White strip Bray Lake Badger on 5th September 2017 White strip Hedgehog stalks cat Deer on Valentine's Day 2015 Badger on CCTV Super Snail ! White strip Bird feeds frog to it's young Pheasant Fox with Frog Fox, Cat and Mirror White strip Owl lands on Fountain Gardening and Australian Gnomes Cat vs Water Squirter in Sunninghill Tree Rat scoffs all peanuts

White strip

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